Sweet Chocolate Journey


Ever dreamed of finding one of those Golden Tickets and having the chance of spending a day in Willy Wonka's World of Pure Imagination?
With our Sweet Chocolate Journey collection you can!


The print features an enchanted candy land that has been inspired by Willy Wonka's chocolate room as well as the world of Disney's Sugar Rush.
Wouldn't it be scrumdiddlyumptious to wander through the candy grass along that delicious chocolate river and try a bit of
those marshmallow mushrooms, Fluffy T-Oreos, lollipops and swirly toffees while admiring the starry sky and that sugarcoated crescent moon?


The main pieces in this collection include a vintage-style OP dress with a Peter Pan collar that has been inspired by that of darling little Veruca Salt
in the original Willy Wonka movie, an equally sweet JSK and a skirt that can be combined with fancy underbust vests and waistcoats of the same print.



To make you a truly dandy Candy-Lady, add some of our Willy Wonka style accessories like bow-tie blouses, velvet jackets and coats and,
most importantly, top hats – both human- and Oompa-Loompa-sized. And don't forget to combine them with one of these melting candy tights
available in bonbon and chocolate colours matching the print.



All those who do not only have a sweet tooth, but also sweet toes, should be looking forward to our dripping chocolate decorated ankle boots
that will also be a part of this sugary fashion collection.


Fluffy Tori strongly recommends to brush your teeth after wearing items from this collection. Or at least have some chewing gum.
Just not the blueberry-flavoured one. You have been warned...

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