About us

Fluffy Tori is a young Lolita indie brand founded in 2016, based in Switzerland and Germany. Not only do we create Lolita fashion after our own designs, we also have our own exclusive prints and custom lace and every item we offer is available custom-sized, so we can offer you truly unique fashions made just for you. We aspire to provide a very comprehensive line of Lolita fashions, from dresses and matching accessories like headpieces and tights over wardrobe basics up to our own shoe designs (hopefully available very soon!).

We decided to make our debut in the joyful world of Sweet Lolita with our pastel-coloured pony print collection "Sweet Dream Carousel" currently available on our webshop. There's another, Willy Wonka inspired, Sweet Lolita collection coming up, but we're also working on our first Classic and Gothic Lolita collections to please the more elegant tastes in fashion.

We value the Lolita community's advice, which is why we regularly have surveys and votes on upcoming designs via social media that you are able to influence this way, and we generally welcome all feedback. We hope that this way, we'll be ably to provide high quality fashion that every Lolita can enjoy.

Joëlle - OwnerMezzo - Designer